Alex Curran,nasceu a 23 de Setembro de 1983,am Aintree,Merseyside England.
This blond English babe is Loverppol's first lady and national football team princess as she s married to footballer Steven Gerrard.
Former nail technician.Allways involved in controversy,Aex Curran was accused of stealing Gerrard from Jennifer Ellyson,however nobody quite knows who stole what from whom.
She also was arrested by assault by the Merseyside police,after a bar fight with a teen girl that ended in the hospital after beeing strucked in the face with a broken bottle.
Finally she got in controversy with singer Jamelia,when the singer also previously engaged to footballer Darren Blyfield.
The singer insulted Alex saying:
"Footballers wives and nothing but leeches.Look at Alex Curran,God Forbid Alex Curran and Steven Gerrard get divorced,What will she do and who will she be then?"
Later Alex fired back saying about Jamelia:
"She 'll be glad to know I dont even know her Boyfriend's name,but Steven finds him even lower then a non-league footballer..
one thing's for sure,Alex Curran aint no ordianry WAG,she is on top when it comes to beauty and atittude.