Alexandra Ferreira,nasceu no porto,Portugal.
A sua participação  na  Casa dos Segredos-3,deu lhe a notoriedade que ja tinha buscado ao posar nua diversas vezes para Playboy e Penthouse,Portuguesas.
Polemica,Frontal,Polemica,Desinibida..esta é uma mulher do Norte a quem ninguem ficou indiferente.
Alexandra Ferreira posed nude for Portuguese Penthouse and Playboy.
However it was a few months later,participating in portuguese realitty show,Secret Story-3,that this tall hot brunette became notorious.
On the shown she went into confrontation several times,including with other women and her former boyfriend,claiming she slapped him and beated the shit out of him some times on the outside when he cheated on her .
But,Alexandra herself was accused by some of trying to steal her friends boyfriends on real life,and in the show she was envolved in several love triangles.
one thing is true,Alexandra Ferreira is a Portuguese bombshell,frontal,controversial,and not shy at all,to whom nobody stays indiferent.